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Spiritual Warfare Quotes

The Truth About the Liar 

by Russ Doebler


“God’s word tells us to resist, not ignore, the devil.”

“There’s a difference between focus and aim. I focus on Jesus. I aim at the devil. We focus on what we want to see better. We aim at what we want to destroy.”

“Jesus gave the disciples authority, not just faith, to drive out unclean spirits.”

“Authority is always given. It’s never taken or stolen.”

“Control is a man-made substitute for God-given authority. We ‘take control.’ God gives authority.”

“Control is taken by those self-authorized. Authority is given to those self-controlled.”

“Satan’s role in heaven as prosecuting attorney has been replaced by Jesus as defense attorney.”

“God planned for us to fight Satan. And He planned for us to win.”

“Our battle with the devil is a fight we must win. Our struggle with God is a fight we must surrender.”



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