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This may surprise you…

…but the Bible does not teach that Satan was ever Lucifer, a beautiful archangel, or that he was kicked out of heaven because he tried to overthrow God. That idea was added hundreds of years after the Bible was written by stretching the original meaning of the scripture texts into new, creative, and unfortunately, misleading interpretations.

In fact, the original Greek and Hebrew texts do not mention the name “Lucifer.” That name was introduced in the Latin Bible in the third century, and one of the references to “Lucifer” in the Latin Bible refers to Jesus!

What the Bible does show us is that God meant for the devil to be an accuser-temper in order to test us for our own good. In his book, The Truth About the Liar, Russ Doebler reexamines texts about the devil that are commonly misunderstood. A better understanding of the devil’s origin and his purpose in God’s design provides the Christian fresh confidence in appropriating the sacrifice of Jesus in spiritual warfare.

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